Vijnana Yoga ~ understanding from within

Vijnana is a Sanskrit word that could be translated as 'discernment'.

Vijnana yoga combines ancient yogic practices with progressive energy techniques, anatomical understanding and current science. It is an integrative practice that includes meditation, pranayama and asana (postures) along with text study and self-reflection.

Vijnana practice rests on 7 vital principles:

  • relaxing body
  • quieting mind
  • setting intention
  • rooting
  • connecting
  • breathing
  • expanding
Informed by his background as a Shiatsu practicioner and contemporary dance performer, Sylvain’s yoga classes are infused with deep body knowledge; humour, imagery, transition and connection are at the core of his inspired approach.

* Tensegrity Repair Series

The word 'tensegrity' (tensile integrity) was coined by architect Buckminster Fuller. It refers to structures in which strength and stability are achieved though a balance between tension and compression elements.

The same dynamics can be found in the human body. The muscles and fascia (myofacia) act as tension elements, pulling on the bones (the compression elements), which in turn hold the myofascia in their tensile web. When this web is damaged there is a lack of strength and flexibility and the body moves in a fragmented way.

The Tensegrity Repair Series includes a sequence of movements designed to bring the body back to its original state of balance, which for most of us has been lost through injury, repetitive movement and unreleased physical, mental and emotional stress. Bringing tensegrity back to the body allows us to eliminate excess tension, restore natural alignment, and move with ease and grace.

Sylvain includes the Tensegrity Repair Series in his Vijnana yoga classes. He believes that it is a great tool to establish strong foundations, find connections, and support a healthy practice.


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