Contemporary Dance ~ expressing through movement

Contemporary dance is inspired by methods found in ballet as well as modern and postmodern dance principles. It also draws from other philosophies of movement that are outside of the realm of classical dance technique.

Sylvain Brochu's dynamic teaching technique is influenced by his extensive background as a performer. He believes that the art of performance is the art of 'being there' and that timing is one of the performer's greatest assets.

Informed by these wide-ranging experiences, as well as through his yoga and shiatsu practices, Sylvain's dance classes are infused with deep body knowledge; humour, musicality, imagery, transition and connections are at the core of his inspired approach. Sylvain has taught students from age 10 to 65 within recreational, university and professional training settings.

Dance for Small Spaces 
These classes are design to be experienced in your own home. Mobilize your joints and warm up your limbs and torso and dance to an eclectic selection of uplifting music. Suited to beginners and yet satisfying for more experienced dancers. 

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