Zen Shiatsu Massage ~ balancing energy flow


 Treatments are 80 minutes in length 

 cost is $120

 Five treatment pack $550

 $10 extra for house call 

Zen Shiatsu (from the Japanese shi, meaning finger, and atsu, meaning pressure) is a Japanese form of bodywork based on the holistic system of energy pathways, or meridians, intrinsic to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Practitioners use fingers, palms, fists, elbows, knees and feet to apply pressure to improve the flow of qi (vital energy). In TCM alleviating the imbalances in the natural flow of this energy is believed to be the origin of illness.

Shiatsu has a profound calming effect on an often overactive sympathetic nervous system and improves circulation, eases stiff muscles and reduces stress.
Treatments are 80 minutes in length and are done on a mat at floor level. No massage oil is applied, so you remain fully dressed during the treatment. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing. Contact Sylvain for booking.

Shiatsu is effective for:

    ▪    Insomnia
    ▪    Anxiety / depression
    ▪    Headaches
    ▪    Digestive disturbances
    ▪    Menstrual dysfunction
    ▪    Back / joint pain


    ▪    Sprains and strains
    ▪    Fractures
    ▪    Neck / shoulder pain
    ▪    Sinus congestion
    ▪    Retention of fluids
    ▪    Poor circulation


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