Sunshine Coast Yoga Mentorship Program Fall 2015

Program description

The Yoga Mentorship Program was created in response to a growing interest in exploring yoga in greater depth.  This innovative program is offered on the Sunshine Coast by certified Vijnana International teacher Sylvain Brochu.  Vijnana Yoga encourages a balanced practice of meditation, pranayama, asana and inquiry in order to cultivate a quiet mind, an open heart and a healthy body.

This program is designed for keen students, yoga teachers and those interested in expanding their practice with the support of a committed group.  It is open to new and returning students offering both fresh perspectives on core practices and a deeper understanding of how to use the Vital principles in practice and in life.  All four sessions will include meditation, pranayama and asana (including inversions), while offering continuity and new insights.  Participants will be encouraged to keep a home practice journal throughout the program.

For more info or to register contact Sylvain:
604 886-0430

Detailed Schedule

4 group sessions + 1 private session from September to December

group sessions:
at Chaster house 
1549 Ocean Beach Esplanade, Elphinstone
8:30 am to 1:30 pm
(last hour lunch and text study)

September 25th
 October 16th
November 13th 
December 11th

private session:
at Sylvain's studio 
by appointment


Subjects covered

Tensegrity Repair series
Hand Mudra series
•Standing poses
•Hand Balances 
•Inversion (head stand & shoulder stand) 
Text study
Seven vital principles:
•Relaxing the body
•Quieting the mind
•Focussing through intent


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